3R (Radicalisation, Rehabilitation & Reintegration) Prison Series

Project 3R

SEARCCT collaborated with the Prisons Department Malaysia to conduct a series of interviews with current and/or ex-detainees (individuals who have been convicted of involvement in terrorist activities), in which the objectives were to create and disseminate CVE digital products that provide real-life experiences of the dangers of extremism and radicalisation, which can hopefully dispel the narratives used by terrorist/extremist organisations. Realising the impact of ‘sequential art products’ (comics), SEARCCT embarked on a project to develop seven comics based on the interviews carried out under this project. Videos of the interviews with terrorist detainees as well as those who were recently released aimed to shed light on the realities of the radicalization problem in Malaysia. It is hoped that these videos would lend credibility to the ongoing efforts by the authorities to deter the growth of extremism in Malaysia and the region.

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