Research & Publication

The Research and Publications Division of SEARCCT is tasked to conduct research activities on areas related to terrorism and counter-terrorism


  • Following the completion of a research project, the Division will produce monographs, articles, journals, and / or analytical papers, both in hard copy and online, to be distributed to our partners and participants of capacity-building programmes.

  • The Division is also instrumental in delivering papers and talks on its research findings, as well as lessons learnt from conducting various research activities at both the local and international level.

  • The Division is also responsible for conducting public awareness programmes, mainly through the ‘University Lecture Series’ (ULS). The objective of the ULS is to engage with and speak to students on the dangers of extremism and terrorism.

Current Areas Of Research

Apart from the published research topics, the Division is currently looking into Online Terrorist Recruitment as well as Women and Terrorism

Aim for 2019

SEARCCT has taken the initiative to further strengthen its programme syllabus, enhance existing cooperation with relevant institutions both local and foreign, and establish further links with international and regional organisations. Programmes developed by SEARCCT will focus on existing and future threats catering the needs of its clientele. For 2019, SEARCCT is planning to conduct 26 capacity building programmes covering all seven areas of SEARCCT flagships.

Our activities in 2019

SEARCCT has organised one of the prominent events this year which is the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Workshop on Counter Radicalisation at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur. In addition, SEARCCT will continue to conduct research, public awareness and produce publications this year in addition to writing monographs, articles and reports.

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