Hebat Youth!
Positive Expressions (HYPE)


This campaign aimed to encourage youth currently studying in tertiary education institutions, i.e. Colleges or universities, public and private all over Malaysia to be partners in shaping comprehensive, community-based solutions. The theme of HYPE was “Bringing Communities Closer Together”, in which it was required for the youth to come up with videos that showcase the following subthemes:

  1. How Malaysia’s diverse culture can bring communities closer together
  2. Building resilient communities
  3. How resilient communities can affect positive social change

There were two (2) components to this campaign, in which the first was the video competition which ran from 1 November 2018 until 31 March 2019. The second component was the HYPE Youth Carnival that was held on 4 May 2019, in which SEARCCT invited local musicians to perform as well as government enforcement agencies and humanitarian organisations to set up booths at the event in order to break down barriers and to start building trust between the youth and Malaysia’s law enforcement. The video competition generated 62 entries and the winning videos were subsequently posted up on SEARCCT’s MyAman social media pages.

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