Suria Siasat! Digital Miniseries With Suria Fm

Bongkar Series (Suria FM)

The Suria Siasat-SEARCCT collaboration is a project that came about based on an agreement that government agencies can achieve so much more and be able to overcome some of their inherent limitations when they work with others, particularly, when addressing serious issues such as countering violent extremism (CVE). While agreeing that issues of terrorism and radicalisation should not be trivialised, SEARCCT was of the opinion that there was still a need to repackage these complex issues into one that was more consumable for the Malaysian audience.
This project began with the formulation of eight topics of interest, focusing on both direct and indirect messages related to CVE, such as:

  1. Risks related to unchecked use of social media platforms as well as gaming platforms;
  2. Unity in diversity;
  3. The need for due diligence when participating in charities and humanitarian work; and
  4. Victims of terrorism-related activities (i.e. the families of those who have left home to join terrorism-related activities)

The objective(s) of this collaboration were:

  1. To increase the level of awareness of the Malaysian public with regard to the dangers of terrorism and radicalisation, particularly on social media platforms;
  2. To produce a series of videos that could prompt conversations regarding community-based solutions to countering violent extremism; as well as
  3. To encourage and instill positive community-based values such as respect and tolerance that are necessary for multicultural societies like Malaysia.

The project also aimed to produce a digital miniseries consisting of eight (8) episodes (3-5 minutes) that would feature Issey, a popular Suria FM Announcer. Once completed, these episodes were aired for a total of eight (8) weeks solely on Suria FM’s Facebook page.
Keeping in mind that the Suria FM franchise is well known for its entertainment value, it was also agreed upon that the various episodes would have emotionally-charged elements – particularly with regard to family dynamics – as well as humorous ones. This was an essential part of the miniseries, as it would ensure that the audience was open and receptive enough to hear the messages found within.

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